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Once upon a time

A girl went out with a guy

Once became twice, each time more nice

Now there's so much to buy

So much to do in so little time

Details thrown at her without reason or rhyme

Emotions a mess

The girl becomes stressed

I watched it happen again and again

Thinking by my turn I'll join the trend

But I have not one super mom but two

And they knew exactly what to do

Mother and mother-in-law organized and neat

Each with clear lists to conquer the feat

Made the process smooth and easy as can be

For a super lucky Kallah, also known as me

If you think I'm exaggerating

I challenge you to try it yourself

Use these straightforward lists

Don't let them sit on a shelf

Say goodbye to not knowing what to expect

Or worrying there's something you did forget

No need to go scrambling last minute

Go into your Simcha with the right spirit

Share it with a sister, aunt or friend

I think it's time to start a new trend

Of mothers and Kallahs having fun during this time

Making a wedding with joy is not a crime

I tried my best to include everything

But won't be surprised if something is missing

Let me know with a friendly text

And together we'll help whoever is next

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